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On tiny puppies/dogs 2 lbs and under, tell your Vet to give only "half doses" on shots/vaccines, full doses can be too strong and cause an overdose, sugar shock and possibly cause death. Most Vets have never delt with such tiny dogs but they won't tell you that. So don't be intimidated. Speak up for your puppy!

Never place your Puppy on the floor at your Vets office. All kinds of deseases come into the office and your puppy hasn't had all it's shots yet and can catch what another dog had and even die, also avoid taking your new puppy to public places until it's fully vaccinated.  Protect your Priceless bundle of joy!

Avoid by-products in pet food. The first 3 ingredients in pet food are the most important. By-products are the parts of the animals or grain that have almost NO nutritional value, but act as a filler. They are the feet, beaks, hooves, intestines and spines of the animals or the hulls of the grains. And most pet foods (even pet food sold by some Vets) use by-products as there MAIN ingredient, so check the ingredients before you buy to insure a happy, healthy Pet! Visit www.dogfoodanalysis.com/dog_food_reviews/ to see how your dog food rates.

BEWARE OF CATS! If you own a cat (I love cats too), it's best to have there nails trimmed or declawed because dogs and cats love to play together and a cats claws are very sharp and can scratch your puppies eye while playing. One tiny scratch can cause scare tissue to build up on the puppies eye over time and possibly cause blindness.

Warnings: Please be aware of cleaners. Recently we came
across the experience of the floor Mop>the Swiffer. the cleaning
agent used is anti-freeze. The party's one german shepard and 2
cats died from liver disfunction. They are licking their paws after
having walked on the floor cleaned w/ the Swiffer. Tests results were
 found to have anti freeze in pets system.
Also, your hands need to be free of soap,hand cream,perfume...puppies
lick constantly and will digest whatever is on your hands.
Another experience was w/ using the soft water & bottled water as you 
 only pets water source. In time this cause's havoc on the liver...in the mean
time...liver disfunction can look like a congenital defect when it is not. 
Please-visit the Medicine Chest and Petplace for updates w/
dangerous products that can kill dogs or cause serious damage.

Buttons Buttons was almost 10 months old when his owner took him to their vet, a good family friend for many years. Though she received all the normal "warnings" about barbituate overdosing on toy dogs, she felt a great confidence in her Vet that she had for all these years.
He gave a pre-anesthetic tranquizer for intubating which is normal, but then he gave the little 3 pd dog PENTABARB and the little dog went to sleep forever NEEDLESSLY. Look at this little face, and weep with us for something that did NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN. If your vet will not use Isoflurane or gas anesthesia (because it is expensive).... FIND ANOTHER VET THAT WILL.
Here's some of the comments from veterinarians who have heard of this mishap:
"I can't believe that anyone is still using PENTABARB.... that is only used for severe seizures that NOTHING else will control....a last resort"
"This is unheard of in todays veterinary medicine. This vet is DECADES behind"
This was a fine and healthy, chubby little dog, full of mischief and not at all sickly in any way. An autopsy showed no reason that this dog should have expired other than an overdose. Even the Vet, who is a family friend, feels very badly about this "overdose".
If you are all shocked and moved by this tragedy, please spread the word and Buttons will not have died in vain.

Thank you,
Terri Shumsky's Puppy