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AKC T-Cup Yorkshire Terrier Breeder Tiny Small Toy Micro Mini Teacup Baby Yorkie Puppies For Sale

Purchase Contract/Agreement

All puppies will be sold as Pet quality. I like to be a responsible breeder therefore I encourage the spay/neuter programs but this is NOT mandatory. There is a lot to raising puppies and if you are wanting to breed I highly recommend doing a lot of research on the subject so that you know what can happen.

Breed Registration: My puppies are sold with FULL AKC Registration in which it will be eligible for AKC events & Health Insurance, and offspring will be eligible to be registered by AKC. My puppies are guaranteed to be 100% purebred. Breeder will give Registration papers upon their receipt from AKC and full payment is received from the purchaser.

All fees, including sale price & shipping charges are payable prior to the shipment of the puppy. I will be happy to hold your puppy if needed, past it's avail. date at no extra charge. 

Holding agreement: There is a $200.00 non-refundable, deposit required to hold the puppy of your choice. I will not hold a puppy without receiving this deposit. First come, first serve. Balance is due atleast 5 days prior to shipping so updated shots and health certificate can be obtained prior to transporation of puppy. If you are picking your puppy up, balance must be paid by CASH at time of pick-up. If you have chosen the Lay-A-Way payment plan, the balance of the puppy is divided into equal amounts and the first payment is recognized as the non-refundable deposit.

In consideration of the holding deposit. Seller assigns buyer the puppy and guarantees that said puppy will not be sold to any other party other than the buyer. The portion of the deposit taken and known as Surety of Action shall be applied to the purchase price.

Your new puppy must be taken to your Vet for a wellness check within 24 hours (48 hours if a weekend) after picked up or arival if shipped & a copy of the results of the Vet check-up/wellness check, must be mailed "return receipt" to Priceless Yorkies & postmarked within 48 hours of visit to Vet to activate/validate this agreement, and puppy must be fed a high quality puppy food as stated on page titled "feeding your puppy" to activate/validate this agreement if not, this contract is null and void.

Priceless Yorkies guarantees you will be 100% happy with this puppy when it arrives at your home (if transported) and that it is a Tiny or T-Cup size Yorkie according to the posted weight chart, or return it within 24 hours in the same transportation manor you received it, with this signed contract & AKC registration papers and after DNA testing, your balance paid will be refunded. All transportation fees are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

Your puppy is guaranteed to be free of Communicable disease for a period of 10 days from shipping or pick-up & guarantees your new puppy will NOT have kennel cough, hernias, dry flaky skin, bald spots, matted hair, ear mites or illnesses of any kind when you receive it! Priceless Yorkies also guarantees this puppy to be free of serious life threatening Genetic Defects that make the puppy not suitable for the purpose of a "family pet" until the puppy reaches One year of age. Buyer understands that replacement option is only valid when health problems are attributed to a hereditary problem and Not due to poor diet, lack of normal Vet Care, lack of good owner care, an accident or contagious and/or other illness.

If this puppy displays any indication of poor health it must be immediately (within 24 hours) taken to your local Vet and you must notify me within 48 hours by phone so I may record it. If your puppy  has a congenital defect found by your Vet, you must return him/her (the puppy) to Priceless Yorkies within 72 hours of diagnoses (transported in same manor you received the puppy and all fees are the responsibility of the purchaser) with the signed registration papers, a copy of this SIGNED contract, the puppies shot & vet records & tests from your Vet and you must obtain a written statement from your Vet, on office stationary and signed by him/her, stating the health risk and to include a discription of the symptoms & tests supporting his/her opinion (an atopsy & DNA test is also required if the puppy has died) & offical results mailed & postmarked to Priceless Yorkies within 72 hours of diagnoses to validate/activate this guarantee. (Hypoglycemia can accure in small puppies and dogs if not properly cared for and therefore is preventable and not included in this agreement). Upon receipt of said returned puppy I will take puppy to my Vet for DNA verification & second opinion of defect. Once verified said puppy will be replaced with a same sex puppy of YOUR choice from the next litter (No cash refund). 

Buyer is responsible for all fees and bills ect. of puppy,  & shipping fees of replacement puppy.  Any/all Vet bills and/or any other bills incurred to properly care for, diagnose or repair, heal and/or cure a problem, concern, illness with the puppy is and will be the responsibility of the buyer. Puppy must visit your vet at appropriate ages for required shots and boosters his/her first year. There is no cash refunds or compensations after 24 hours of receiving your puppy. This contract is null and void if not signed by both the seller and the buyer.

By signing this you understand and agree with it's content and have read, understand, agree and printed out for your records this contract and the additional pages on this site titled "feeding your puppy" and "Hypoglycemia"

Failure to follow all the above statements/instructions on this contract/agreement and additional pages will cause this contract to be null & void. This contract is non-transferable.

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Buyers Signature______________________________________________________date____________________________

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