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Healthy weening is important. I never rush this process in my tinies & T-Cups just so a client can get there puppy sooner. I start at 4 to 6 weeks and first offer a mixture of puppy formula, gerber baby rice cereal, Nutra-cal and gerber baby meat for about a week or so. Once weened, I moisten a high grade (NO BY-PRODUCTS) dry puppy food moistened till soft, (I use  "Solid Gold ")  and mix that with puppy formula and Nutra-Cal.

I require that after you receive your puppy, that you feed him/her Solid Gold or a super premium dry food (I can help you choose a dog food) that is free of by-products if Solid Gold is not available in your area, and soften it with a mixture of water,  (always keep available to puppy) until your puppy is 12 weeks of age ( or your puppy reaches 2lbs) And give a (pea size) amount of Nutri-Cal twice a day. After that they still need the same dry food and Nutri-Cal as stated but no need to mush it up or add water unless you like to. If you feel your puppy is not eating enought or is showing signs of hypoglycemia (read my page on Hypoglycemia & follow directions) feed the above recomendation but also give some gerber baby meat (NOT WEENIES) mixed with alittle Nutra-Cal Seperately on a spoon every 2-4 hours. (Nutri-Cal is a high calorie supplement which can be purchased in most pet food departments & your Vet).

Also, I have found that some Yorkies don't like to eat from a bowl or sticking there faces in there food so try putting there food spread out on a plate if your having problems with them eating and WOW what a difference, they eat!

Snacks: I enjoy giving my Yorkies snacks once in awhile but not the usual doggie snacks. I give them "Human grade" beef jerky cut up in tiny pieces (never give big pieces, most dogs don't chew, they just swallow & too big of a piece can get stuck in there throut), also tiny pieces of raw apples, pears, carrots & green beans are fun & yummy!

And remember, Your puppies diet is the most important part of it's Happy Healthy Life & Your Priceless Yorkie Is Worth It!  If you EVER have questions or concerns or just want to tell me how happy you are with your puppy, don't hessitate to contact me, I'd love hearing from you.