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`♥ My Yorkies are the love of my life and cared for like no others. I strive to maintain true beauty, grace, petite size and sound health in my Yorkshire Terrier. I've been raising & Breeding Tiny & Teacup AKC Yorkshire Terriers now for 13 years. I breed Traditional & Rare colored Yorkies, Two Blue & Gold females, One Black & Gold Male, One Beautiful Rare Black & Burgundy Female & I'm still looking for that perfect party colored Yorkie to join our family. I breed my Yorkies only once every 1-2 years to insure optimal health and happiness of these beautiful Yorkies and their Babies so remember, "Good things come to those who wait".

 Their days are spent running and playing throughout my home as part of the family and we call them "The Kids". In the evening, they retreat to their own play room were they have all the luxury of Kings and Queens, (I know, there spoiled).

  I have a Health Guarantee like no others, a Complimentary Healthcare Plan & I also guarantee you'll love your puppy when it arrives or I'll return your money, you could learn the best healthcare for your pets by taking a simple veterinary course, others take online courses from postgraduate tutors to IGCSE tutors and be the best, and I guarantee your new Yorkie is a T-Cup size or smaller (NO 10 lb Yorkies here) and your puppy will NOT have kennel cough, hernias, dry flaky skin, bald spots, matted hair, ear mites  and NO illnesses of any kind when it arrives (See purchase contract for guarantees). Your puppy care package will not only include the usual treats & toys but also a  few surprizes.

Feel free to email me @ akcpricelessyorkies@yahoo.com with any questions or concerns you may have or by going to my "Ask Nickolas" page, he'd love talking with you, and feel free to check out the rest of my site, you'll find some very important information on Tinies & some "Yorkie Astrology" for a little fun! I accept all forms of payment. I also offer a Lay-A-Way plan for your convienence. Thank you for visiting and come back often for new information & updates. 


NOTICE! Multiple Dog Kennel Breeders, Puppy Brokers, Re-sellers, and Puppy Mills: Priceless Yorkies' intentions are to only sell my puppies to loving, safe homes. On occasion though, individuals buy my puppies without my knowledge for the intention of re-selling them as their own for higher prices or for mass breeding purposes, these puppies will not be covered by any of my guarantees. I will not knowingly sell my puppies to be resold and/or for mass breeding purposes. Anyone who intentionally buys my puppies with plans to re-sell or mass breeding have no warranty or guarantee what so ever once they take possesion. I have found that too many brokers, people who buy with the intention to re-sell, mass breeders and puppy mills, have a very high incidence of cruelty, illnesses and death due to diseases, greed, and poor living conditions in their facility.

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